NonPerformance/ Rejection Policy

Applies to all branches

TSA Processing strives to improve the quality of our customer's product. Occasionally, there are discrepancies that may be cause for non-conformity of material shipped to our customers. This policy will assist resolution of any questionable material.

When submitting a rejection or non-conformance please provide as much information as possible. Information needed by TSA Processing to promptly address your concerns:

  1. TSA Tag number and/or Work Order number
  2. Reason for rejection with pertinent information
    • Flatness-measurements of edge wave or cross bow
    • Repeating marks-distance/pitch between marks
    • Where on the width/length is the defect in relation to the edge/end, etc.
  3. Rejection weight
  4. Break down of material form (sheets/coil/mult} and piece count/weight of each item
  5. Pictures or samples if at all possible

All of this information will expedite a satisfactory resolution of the complaint.
**Please note that TSA Processing will not honor a debit memo on claimed or rejected material until we have had an opportunity to review the rejection/non-conformance. Debit memos will be accepted only after a formal disposition of the material has been processed.
In the event of any nonconformity, TSA Processing may:

  1. Return the material for rework to remove any defects, if possible.
  2. Pay the customer replacement cost of the product or material without interest. In doing so, TSA Processing must receive invoices from purchase and material test reports. Replacement costs shall mean the lower of the customer's cost of the product's fair market value on the date that the claim is submitted. Surcharges on material are subject to the lower price, either at time of customer's purchase or at the time of claim submission.
  3. TSA Processing will not entertain any claims or non-conformances 180 days after last processing date at TSA Processing.