Location is Key to Our Company

Our strategic central locations put us close to key markets, mills and allows our customers to save on freight.
Houston (Corporate Office - 1997)
Arlington (Dallas/Fort Worth - 2010)
Montgomery (Chicago - 2012)
Richmond (Indiana - 2018)
Buford (Atlanta - 2018)

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TSA Processing Offers High-Tech Equipment

Widely Varied Equipment

● Gauge and Plate Cut to length lines
● Sheet Polishers - up to 84” wide
● Coil Polisher - Both wet and dry
● Shears / Gauer - Widest Gauer in USA

● Slitter
● Directional Buffing up to 96 x 480
● Mirror / Non-Directional Buffing
● Flat Bar / Pipe / Tubing Polishing

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Our Earned Experience

We have over 30 years of experience in the non-ferrous flat rolled industry.

Our commitment to provide our customers with the highest level of quality and service in the stainless and aluminum processing industry is what we excel in.

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Special Packaging for Added Organization and Storage

Special Services We Offer

● Long Length Off of Cut lines
● Repackaging of Material
● Adding/Removing PVC
● Flipping Sheets/Coils
● Adding/Removing Line Marking
● PVC Rolls for Purchase
● Inspection of Material

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Variety of Custom Finishes

#3 or #4 finish
Customer specific RA range
Dairy Finish
#7, Directional #8
Super Non Directional #8

Two levels of brush finishes
Directional / Tanker Buff finish
(Check availability of finishes by location)

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